Everything About WES Evaluation

When to get it done

If you have completed your education outside of the US or Canada and want to go to study or work in these countries, a WES credit evaluation can help you make the right decision by making you understand how your academic credentials are viewed in the USA and Canada. This information can be used in applying to schools that are apt for your educational background. In case you are looking for job opportunities in these nations, this evaluation will help you figure out the positions for which you have the required educational background.

Application procedure for WES evaluation

Step 1- Apply to WES on their website and get a reference number.

Step 2- Arrange all the documents required and get them sent to WES by your college along with the full payment in form of DD in a sealed envelope, as per the format stated on the WES website. WES does not accept the documents sent by students, agents, or anyone else. As soon as the WES receives the documents, its staff examines and verifies them. After verification, they proceed to the evaluation process.

Step 3- Once the evaluation is done, WES delivers the report to the institutions you have designated.

Required Documents

The list of required documents varies in the US and Canada according to your country of education, type of education, etc. You can check the list of the required documents on the WES website according to your specifications. Some of the major documents required are:

  • Final or provisional degree certificate
  • Annual statement of marks

You don’t need to send the documents of your undergraduate degree if you have any of these degrees: Master of Engineering, Master of Education, Master of Technology, or Master of Philosophy. If your master’s degree does not fall into the categories above, you have to submit your bachelor’s degree documents as well.

The documents must be attested with the date and placed in an official sealed envelope signed or stamped across the back flap by the appropriate authentication officer of the college. If the envelope is opened or the stamp or signature is missing across the back flap, WES will reject it right away. The college registrar should also sign the Academic Records Request form which you have to put in the same sealed envelope as your transcripts.

Types of WES evaluation

There are three types of evaluations offered by WES:

Document-by-Document: This evaluation contains a description of your academic credentials, comprising his/her name, name of the institution attended, year awarded, and major field of study. It also provides the US/Canada equivalent for every credential.

Course-by-Course: This evaluation includes all the information covered in the Document-by-Document valuation and also lists all the post-secondary subjects and their corresponding value according to US/Canada grade equivalents.

CPA Evaluation: This evaluation is useful for the applicants for Certified Public Accountant exams.

WES evaluation cost

A WES Course-by-Course evaluation costs $163 while a Document-by-Document evaluation costs $102. If a student wants rush service or express delivery, extra charges are applied.

The time period required for WES evaluation

Typically, WES completes the evaluation process within 7 business days, depending upon the type of service requested by the student. If additional verification, research, or correspondence is required, WES might take more time to evaluate. Therefore, it is always recommended to start the process as early as possible to make certain that your evaluation report is completed timely.

Indian universities that are recognized by the US and Canada WES

WES doesn’t have any specific list of institutions recognized. However, if you have attended a duly authorized and recognized institution in India, it is likely that WES US/Canada will evaluate your documents.